Discover the simple system that stops your past from affecting your future...

“Heal Your Past In Less Than An Hour - And Watch As Your Self-Confidence Soars, Your Health Improves And Your Relationships Flourish!”

While all of us have “emotional baggage” from the past, until now it’s taken a lot of time, money – and well, navel gazing, to bring about a resolution...

Do you sometimes feel that you’re living on an emotional roller coaster – especially where your relationships are concerned? Are you suffering from health problems that your doctors can’t quite explain? Is life somehow simply not as much fun as it should be?”

If you answered “yes” to any of the questions above, then rest assured, you’re not alone. There are lots of people – indeed, you probably already know some of them - who are wondering why life seems to be, well a lot tougher than it should be.

But the great news is that it doesn’t have to be that way – as you’ll soon be discovering.

All of us have “emotional baggage” from the past – but until now it’s taken a lot of time, money – and well, navel gazing, to bring about a resolution...

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could get your hands on a system that enabled you to let go of your negative feelings about things that have happened in the past – all in the comfort of your own home? Imagine the power of being able to take control of your own life – without having to wait for someone else to help you?

You know, recent research reveals that:

  * Nearly 50% of marriages end in divorce (and those figures climb with each subsequent marriage)...
  * More people than ever before are seeking relationship counselling
because they are unhappy at home...

  * Doctors are unable to diagnose the cause of pain in one in four patients who visit their consulting rooms...
  * According to “The Times Online”, the number of Britons prescribed antidepressants is at a record high, with more than 31 million prescriptions written last year...
  * 1.5 million people in the UK suffer from depression – and 2.7 million from anxiety, although worryingly most cases are untreated...
  * An American report reveals that as many as 25% of people on Prozac or similar medication will have “difficulty” withdrawing from the drug...
  * The same report reveals that there is little evidence that the drugs are any more effective than a placebo...
  * And even more worryingly, NONE of these drugs have been scientifically validated for long term use...
  * The general waiting time for a UK GP referred counselling session is more than 6 weeks...
  * The cost of private personal & relationship counselling sessions is simply too much for most households...
  * The majority of people embarking on counselling can expect to be in therapy for anywhere between six weeks and six months – with some remaining in therapy for years!
So, what can you do to help yourself and those you care about?
Just about everyone complains nowadays that there “isn’t enough time to get everything done…” but until now, therapy has - almost by definition – demanded a long-term commitment.

However, with the introduction of the “The Personal And Enlightenment Release” (PEAR) Process, it’s now possible to get all the benefits that therapy has to offer
in less than one hour!

In essence, “The PEAR Process” is a swift, simple system which enables you to stop your past from affecting your future. Using “PEAR” puts YOU in charge of your emotions – and your life – by helping you let go of what no longer serves you. This means that you’re no longer negatively affected by “toxic emotions” – freeing you to start living the life of your dreams.

While all of us are affected by our experiences in life, very few of us have ever been taught how to deal with our negative emotions - which means that we feel as though we’re living on a psychological roller coaster. But with “The PEAR Process”, you’re the one in the driving seat which is what makes it such a powerful system.

While it’s true to say that we can’t change what’s already happened to us in the past, you can change how you FEEL about the past! It’s about making choices and decisions – and as you use the system, you’ll immediately begin to free yourself from negative emotions like anger, guilt and fear – which have a poisonous effect on your mind, body and spirit.

Emotions are natural – they’re what make us human. In fact, it’s our emotions that give us energy: e-motion = energy in motion. When we like what’s happening in “our world”, we feel positive, strong and happy. But when bad things happen, we tend to feel fear, guilt or anger (or a derivative of one of these three umbrella negative emotions).

And in fact, there’s nothing wrong with these negative emotions. We should feel them. After all, they ensure our survival. Fear makes us run away from the proverbial sabre-toothed tiger, while guilt teaches us what we’ve done “wrong”, so that we learn not to repeat the action which creates discomfort within us. And we need anger sometimes too, to galvanise us into action when our boundaries are violated or we witness something that “needs to be changed”, like world hunger or animal cruelty.

However, while feeling these negative emotions is absolutely appropriate “in the moment”, they can cause us severe damage when we hang onto them in the long term. Initially, the damage starts at the psychological level – but if these now-toxic emotions aren’t dealt with properly, they’ll go on to have a detrimental effect on us physically too.

Is your mind working against you?
While we actually only get to experience life in the present moment, most of us spend far too much of our time and energy fretting about what happened in the past and worrying about the future.

Did you know that the subconscious mind stores the memories of every single thing that has ever happened to you – together with the emotions you felt at the time?

And while you can’t change what actually happened, you can change how you feel about what happened. “The PEAR Process” works at the subconscious level – and enables you to undergo profound emotional & psychological healing. However, while the work is achieved at the deep subconscious levels, you are consciously aware throughout the experience and you’ll be principally working through your imagination.

Sadly, the belief that “time is a healer”, simply isn’t true. If it were, we wouldn’t have so many unhappy, anxious people in our society! Although time does put some distance between what happened then and where we are now, our emotions remain as raw as ever as we keep playing over the events and remembering how we felt in the present moment.

How can PEAR help your physical health?
  For years, doctors have recognised that there’s a powerful connection between mind & body and that “toxic” thoughts and feelings have a detrimental effect on our physical selves.

Curiously, the body often reflects what’s going on in the mind almost literally. For example, people who “shoulder” too much responsibility often find themselves experiencing shoulder problems while stomach problems can sometimes be a sign of finding life “hard to digest”.

Because The PEAR Process enables you to release negative thoughts and emotions, one of the benefits is that it often alleviates physical symptoms. Additionally, it is particularly good for dealing with the “cause” rather than just the “symptoms” of physical ailments – especially those for which the medical profession are unable to provide a successful diagnosis.

PEAR helps you get better relationships too!
When we blame someone else for how we feel, we only succeed in making ourselves unhappy. When you stop to think about it, we “carry” all of our relationships in our hearts and minds – and that’s the best place to heal them too.

From this perspective, it’s very empowering as it means that we can take responsibility for how we feel about the people and events in our lives.

Happy, mutually satisfying relationships are what make life so rich – and the most important relationship that we have to get right first…is the one that we have with ourselves!

Isn’t it interesting that most of us treat everyone else in life so much better than we do ourselves? Instead of treating ourselves as though we were our own best friend - being tolerant of our personality quirks and mistakes - we tend to beat ourselves up for not being perfect. In fact, we often give ourselves far harsher “sentences” than we would expect to receive from any court in the land!

While looking to develop ourselves into the “best person we can be” is no bad thing, when we refuse to love and accept ourselves for who we are, then we’re setting up problems for ourselves in the future.

But using “The PEAR Process” can help you to put an end to this vicious cycle – and immediately you’ll start to see the benefits as you’ll walk through life with a lighter heart.

And the amazing thing is that when you begin to let go of “punishing yourself”, you’ll automatically raise your “energy vibration” – making you more attractive to others. People tend to be attracted to others who are similar to them – not just in looks, but in attitude too. When we’re unhappy, critical and angry we tend to attract people with similarly unresolved issues. But when we’re clear emotionally, our true essence is revealed – and we’ll start to attract others who are at peace with themselves too.

And it’s also worth bearing in mind that other people tend to treat us in the same way that we treat ourselves too, so if you’re constantly being unkind to yourself, you can expect others to be unkind to you too. Is that really how you want to live your life?

Sadly, when we’ve had a painful romantic relationship in the past, we tend to look at all relationships through the same dark-tinted glasses. It’s almost as though we expect history to repeat itself – and unfortunately, we often tend to create a self-fulfilling prophecy.

If you’re finding that you’re seeing the same relationship patterns repeating over and over again in your life, you can bet your bottom dollar that at the root of it all are some toxic emotions. And the good news is that rather than having to learn to live with them, now you can easily and quickly let them go with “The PEAR Process”.

What’s really fascinating is that when you let go of past hurt and trauma, all of your relationships begin to shift into a higher gear too.

Finally, it’s also worth noting that because our relationships are essentially held in our hearts and minds, we can learn to deal effectively with hurt from the past – whether or not the “perpetrator” is still around. This means that emotional healing can still take place – even it the person who has caused our unhappiness is no longer still alive. Indeed, with “The PEAR Process”, you’re absolutely in charge of how you feel about every event and every person that you’ve ever encountered in your life.

Is “The PEAR Process” safe?
Developed by author, hypnotherapist and spiritual teacher Olivia Stefanino (she’s been interviewed on more than 50 radio programmes and has been featured in The Guardian newspaper, Red, Natural Health and Yoga Magazine), “The PEAR Process” has been successfully used by thousands of people all around the world.

However, all powerful tools come with a “health warning” – and so it is with “The PEAR Process”. The system is not intended to replace the professional services of a doctor, psychiatrist or psychotherapist – and if you feel it necessary, you must make
  an appointment with an appropriate professional. (Additionally, “The PEAR Process” audio programme must NOT be used while driving or operating heavy machinery.)

So, having issued the warning, it’s only fair to point out that “The PEAR Process” has already brought enormous – and significant - benefit to people who have:

  * Chronic pain which doctors have not been able to diagnose...
  * Low levels of self-confidence...
  * A broken heart from a failed romance...
  * Suffered a bereavement...
  * Experienced abusive relationships...
  * Difficult relationships with their parents or siblings...
  * Experienced bullying either at school or at work...
  * Got stuck in their career...
  * Lost their enthusiasm for life...

How can you get the benefits of “PEAR”?
For the last ten years, individuals have been getting the benefits of “The PEAR Process” by booking in for a private session – either face-to-face or over the phone.

But the great news is that now, with the introduction of a new audio programme, you can have your own “therapy” session in the convenience of your own home – and at a time to suit you!

And of course, with your own audio programme, you can use “The PEAR Process” as often as you like – at no extra cost!

Why would you need to use it more than once? Well, while “The PEAR Process” does indeed work in less than an hour, it’s also true that most of us have more than one issue, or more than one relationship, which requires “healing”. Very often, issues only come up to be healed when we’re psychologically ready to deal with them – and when certain events trigger our memories. This is true for everyone.

And with your own copy of “The PEAR Process”, it’s like having a therapist available to you whenever you need one!

The audio programme contains 2 audio CDs and an explanatory booklet. As well as an audio explanation and introduction, the programme contains two guided visualisation exercises – one for healing the relationship you have with yourself and the other for healing the relationship you have with other people.

During both guided visualisations, you’ll be gently taken through the whole “PEAR” process step by step. While you might feel some emotion coming up for you as you go through the process itself, know that this is natural and an integral part of the healing process. One thing that is guaranteed is that by the end of the exercise, you’ll feel much better than you have for a long, long time.
Having said that, it’s only fair to point out that in some instances, people are quite tired after their session, but again this is natural. After all, it’s taken a lot of energy to suppress all those toxic emotions for so long! Most people experience a great night’s sleep – sometimes for the first time in ages – and you’ll notice that your energy and vitality will increase over the next few days. (And it really helps to drink plenty of water, as it helps with the detoxifying process).

As well as “The PEAR Process” itself, within the audio programme, you’ll also find your special FREE bonus track called “Self Journey”. A beautiful guided meditation, when you listen to “Self Journey”, you’ll be taken for a relaxing yet inspiring walk along the beach – and during your journey, you’ll get to meet the you of the past…and the you of the future!
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How much does “The PEAR Process” cost?
“The PEAR Process” has proven itself over and over again with lots of people – all from very different walks of life – and you’d expect this kind of powerful system to be expensive.

But it’s not!

A PEAR session costs just £95 per hour (if you want to discover the emotional cause, of say, chronic pain as well as undergo “The PEAR Process”, allow two hours) and all you’ll need is ONE session! When you stop to think about it, most counselling and coaching modalities require at least 6 sessions – and often 10 or more! What this means is that even if the cost is just £45 an hour (and most charge nearer £55 - £75), then you’d be paying £270 at the very minimum! And of course, that fee doesn’t take into consideration all the extra time you’d be spending too…and let’s face it, nowadays, who has too much time on their hands? You’ll find details of how to book your session at the bottom of this page…

And even more excitingly, with the new audio programme, you can get all the benefits of “The PEAR Process” – at a time and place to suit you – for the ridiculously low price of just £34.99 (plus p&p). (Oh, and by the way, your bonus “Self Journey” track normally retails for £9.99, which means that effectively, you’re getting your very own “therapist” – on tap, whenever you want a session - for just £25!)

So what happens if you really can’t wait to get your hands on “The PEAR Process”? Well, why not opt for a download version of the audio programme? You’ll receive access to your MP3 tracks and your booklet download as a PDF just as soon as your credit card payment has cleared! And you’ll be pleased to know that we’ll pass on what we save on our audio programme production costs too, which means that you’ll get the whole audio programme PLUS your free “Self Journey” bonus track for just £34.99!

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(You can book your own private “PEAR” session by simply emailing or calling 0845 456 7095 from within the UK or +44 845 456 7095 from outside the UK. And when it comes to your session itself, we’ll be ringing you, so you won’t even pay be paying for the cost of the phone call!)
Our cast iron, 100% money back guarantee!
  If for any reason, you’re not happy with “The PEAR Process” – whether you’ve booked in for a private session or bought the audio programme, we promise to refund your money – with no quibble. (We would though, appreciate it if you could tell us why you weren’t happy!)

If you’re still not sure, why not watch the video below in which Olivia Stefanino, creator of “The PEAR Process”, talks about why the system is so powerful and how it’s already helped so many people? You can also read what other people have to say about their experiences with “The PEAR Process” in the testimonials below...

And whatever else, remember to sign up for your 7 special mini-reports: “Discover the 7 deadly traps you absolutely mustn’t fall into if you’re to get the health, wealth and happiness you deserve” by filling in the box at the top of the page

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"Thanks for yesterday - I slept
for 10 hours last night. I also
told my wife that I was able to
say that I loved my Dad – both
she and I know that before
yesterday, I could never have
said that."

Roger Kerr, Yorkshire.
"To be perfectly frank, I have never experienced the training and therapy
techniques practiced by you until we met. In essence, to put it bluntly, I
honestly believe you have saved my life. For the last nine months, I have been
under immense pressure both at work and home – but you have helped me cope
with this better than I could have imagined."

Ken H Simms, Chief Executive, Wales
"Just a note to say thank-you for the help you gave me when my father died.
With just one session, I felt I could move on with my life."

Ann Lea, Tarporley.
"Olivia conducted a Personal Enlightenment and Release process that literally
changed the software that is running in my mind. I now have a different view on
the things that were dragging me down. It was brilliant and I recommend it to
anybody who wants to get more out of their careers and life."

Brian W Fulford - BWF Consultores Ltd. - São Paulo, Brazil
"By way of a thank you, I feel that I must write down my thanks for all your
guidance in helping me to be my own guru! When I first came to you, I was
incomplete as a person – even though I had read all the books, listened to the
self-help tapes and attended the seminars! Because of my “blocks”, I had been
concerned at spending yet more money – however, I can honestly say that after
just five sessions, I am complete or whole as a person. I am also less
stressed, more efficient and happily more productive – so once again, a big
thank you!"

Ewart Matthias, Chester.
“I would like to thank you for helping me and my girlfriend save our long-
distance relationship. Because of our work commitments, we had to spend a year
living on different continents, which severely strained our relationship. At
one point we even broke up. Soon after, we realised we wanted to be together –
but we knew we needed help. Both of us arranged to spend time in the UK – and
during that period we had a session each with you. That was all it took – now,
a year later – we’re happily married!"

Jibin Chi, Australia.